Thursday, 22 November 2018

My Deadly Adventure

My goal is punctuation and i’m working on semicolons!
My Deadly Adventure!!!
I stood there in shock. I was finally in front of the rumoured to be haunted Butler’s mansion. A stupid dare had lead me here; to be honest the house really did give me the creeps.

The sky was dark like ink at the bottom of the ocean; it was as silent as a mouse. A breeze of whispering wind took me by surprise and lifted my hair high.

The atmosphere was strange.
A spiky gate stared across from me; it was covered in black slimy liquid, I examined it, it oozed off my fingers and onto the gravel with a plop!!!!

The rotten, rusty, ancient gate blew open from the roaring gust of wind, I poked my head through the gate and took one step forward.

I peered up to the roof, some creepy gargulas stared back crouching on the balcony.
Some spikes were popping out of the wall transforming into torches that lit up the rotten peeling walls. I slowly tip-toed up the steps while they cracked underneath of me. My mind racing and my heart beating with anxiety and trepidation.

My legs wouldn’t move; my body began to burn, I was to freaked out to go any further.
I heard a creak, I raised my head to the nailed down cellar doors; they had moved an inch. I stopped in my tracks...

Cobwebs were shredded all across the floor… Then I wondered, how did those doors fly open when they were nailed shut. The barrier of wood planks collapsed off the door handles making a large thud!


Monday, 15 October 2018

The Fainted

Based on true events!
   The Fainted

A zap of electricity shook my body….
My brain was fizzing, my body was broke and
my vision was black.

I saw stars, colorful stars light up the sky…
well what I thought was a sky at least.

I had fainted, I think, or maybe I was just

The stars disappeared. The black went gray.

A blur started. The blur went away and I finally
could see again, not well though. Suddenly a light
shone and I woke up in my
Dad’s arms..

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Sharks Summary


                          Sharks Summary

This Summary is about Sharks So lets get started!
Related imageLets just start with their are more than 1,250 types of species of sharks in New Zealand and other places like Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Fiji and Tonga.
Scientists are still looking into learning more about sharks but did you know a sharks unique patterns are just as unique as a humans fingerprint!!!
Even cooler than that, a shark is made of cartilage which is a type of elastic, rubbery bone.
Image result for fingerprint
Most people think Sharks are vicious and eat people off the bat but really more people die from drowning instead of being eaten by a Shark. 

Another fun fact is, like most animals in the animal kingdom a Female shark is larger than a Male shark.
If your getting bored don't worry one more fact.
Related imageIf you didn't know the largest shark in New Zealand is the Whale shark growing from 12 to 18 meters long, leaving the smallest shark.
The Pygmy shark can only stay under 27 centimeters.
All sharks feed on many things, making them have a huge appetite. Sharks are predators!, some sharks feed on very large meals like dolphin seals,  and marine mammals.
From big meals to small meals, eating crab, krill, little fish, crustaceans, mollusks, and plankton's.Image result for plankton fish

Continuing on their diet Sharks also have a acute sense of smell allowing them to detect blood from meters away. 
Along with other amazing abilities that sharks have we have to end this Summary so...
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Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Up Cloudy Mountain paragraph

We read a book in our workshop and were asked to make a couple paragraphs of how you think the story started. 
Please can you give me some feedback on my story and what you though about it. 

Lilac rose slowly. She gazed out the window, the sun washed over her face making her eyes burn.
She realized that it was Saturday and there was NO SCHOOL... WAIT the thought pierced her hard. Lilac had been dreading this day for ages.
It was the Trek Day. NOOOO she screamed as her Grandad slammed open the door and pronounced "Happy Trek Day".

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Llama Info Report

Llama Info Report

Did you know that a Llama is a South American relative of the

Even though they don’t have humps they were used as pack
animals for centuries, usually carrying up to 50 to 75 pounds.
In kilograms that would be 50=22.6796,

Llama’s also make good sheepdogs for guiding sheep herds to
their pens!?

Self defense

When Llama’s get angry or pushed to the point where they can spit,
hiss, or even kick at their owners to hop away from them and give
them some space to calm down.


Llama’s graze on grass and, like cows they regurgitate their food
and chew it as cud. They chomp on the cud before fully digesting it then starting a new batch.

Llama’s can survive by eating most sorts of plants,
they also need to drink lots of water.

Terrain and Hide

Llama’s are usually found in sparse mountain terrain and savanna's.

People use Llama’s hide to make leather, and their wool is crafted into
ropes, fabric and carpets.
Llama’s can serve their human owners, yes people slaughter them
and eat their meat.

And on that sad note here are some
Llama jokes!

What did the pellet say to the Llama??
Don’t eat me!!!!!!!!!

What’s the difference between a Llama and an Alpaca??
Alpaca’s have more dark meat!!!!!

Monday, 25 June 2018


I am starting a new Passion project, I have already done the plan for it and looked up what my resources are.

I going to make an Inspire Board, I'm going to buy some sticky notes, colored beads,Wash-i tape and string and design the outside of a cork board that I will also buy,
I'm going to write down quotes,jokes and stuff to do when your bored on the sticky notes and then pin them with some push pins.

I may also put some drawings on the board just to jazz it up a bit.

I'll be taking mine home after I have completed it, and maybe be adding to it along the way.
I have only 2 weeks to finish it and I haven't even brought the materials yet!!!

I hope I get it done in time and it looks like I wanted it to, and I'll make a blog post later about what it looked like in the end.

These pictures are sort of what it will look like...