Thursday, 22 November 2018

My Deadly Adventure

My goal is punctuation and i’m working on semicolons!
My Deadly Adventure!!!
I stood there in shock. I was finally in front of the rumoured to be haunted Butler’s mansion. A stupid dare had lead me here; to be honest the house really did give me the creeps.

The sky was dark like ink at the bottom of the ocean; it was as silent as a mouse. A breeze of whispering wind took me by surprise and lifted my hair high.

The atmosphere was strange.
A spiky gate stared across from me; it was covered in black slimy liquid, I examined it, it oozed off my fingers and onto the gravel with a plop!!!!

The rotten, rusty, ancient gate blew open from the roaring gust of wind, I poked my head through the gate and took one step forward.

I peered up to the roof, some creepy gargulas stared back crouching on the balcony.
Some spikes were popping out of the wall transforming into torches that lit up the rotten peeling walls. I slowly tip-toed up the steps while they cracked underneath of me. My mind racing and my heart beating with anxiety and trepidation.

My legs wouldn’t move; my body began to burn, I was to freaked out to go any further.
I heard a creak, I raised my head to the nailed down cellar doors; they had moved an inch. I stopped in my tracks...

Cobwebs were shredded all across the floor… Then I wondered, how did those doors fly open when they were nailed shut. The barrier of wood planks collapsed off the door handles making a large thud!


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